Tongue and lip ties are a common and uncomfortable start to life for a newborn. Oral restrictions may go unnoticed or diagnosed until later in childhood or even as adults. Oral restrictions are complex issues involving oral function and structure, as well as nervous system development. Infant tongue tie and infant lip tie happen in utero, but present at birth.

Baby with tongue tie receiving help at The Wellery Chiropractic

When an infant tongue tie or lip tie has been identified, a tongue tie chiropractor partners with key health care professionals such as a lactation consultant, cranial sacral therapist, pediatric dentist, speech language pathologist and others to provide neurological support and body work for better outcomes.


  • Discomfort during feeding
  • Lip blister(s) on upper lip
  • Clicking noises when feeding
  • Excess gas
  • Snorting or noisy breathing
  • Trouble latching or staying on latch
  • Reflux

The goal of a tongue tie chiropractor is to remove nervous system stress and myofascial tension so that the oral function can be properly assessed. We perform neurological scans to determine areas where the nervous system has interference and needs to be adjusted. Then, we work with other providers to determine if or when the tongue or lip tie is going to be released. All oral restrictions are not created equal; therefore, it is important to have body work done and have oral function properly determined before any release is performed. The Wellery has specific and deep subject matter expertise in the space of not only infant tongue tie and infant lip tie, but also in preparing releases of all ages. With this expertise, The Wellery can empower parents through education and specific home care exercises to aid in better outcomes for their child.

My family and I first came to The Wellery two years ago when our newborn daughter was struggling with excess tension and stress related to oral ties. Dr. Chadd’s gentle adjustments helped relieve some of that stress and were an integral part of her overall treatment plan, which had hugely beneficial results. My daughter, husband and I continue to receive regular adjustments. My husband and I have had decreased tension and discomfort since coming to The Wellery, and I really appreciate Dr. Chadd’s dedication and willingness to keep learning and trying new things.


The Wellery’s space is incredibly inviting and set up really well for families and children. My daughter loves getting to come to my appointments and play in their play area. The entire staff is super kind and caring and always happy to see us.


Emily B.

Tongue and Lip Tie