I can not say enough good things about The Wellery! Dr Chadd is literally the best chiropractor in the world. He is a magician when it comes to fixing what might be wrong with you. There have been many times where I threw my back out or all of a sudden have some sort of pain. He comes in with us magic hands and I walk out of there back to 100! If I am not 100 he makes sure to keep working on me to get me there. It is a warm and welcoming place, perfect environment for healing! I will always recommend this place even when I want to keep them all to myself.

Katie L.

I initially started chiropractic care for my 3 month old because she was extremely fussy and hated tummy time. Additionally, I had SPD from giving birth that I thought nobody was able to fix so I just did my best to live with it. Getting care for my daughter spilled over to me and Chadd asked me some questions and suggested I get adjusted as well. I’m very happy I did because he fixed my SPD within a month. I went home and raved about my great experience to my husband and now we go as a whole family! I highly recommend The Wellery! From the kind and caring staff down to Chadd who is passionate about his job and will target your issues. We’re happy to be part of the The Wellery family.

Jenny N.

I started seeing Chadd at the Wellery because I was having lower back pain that had been bothering me for months. Chadd’s approach to getting me back healthy was different than other chiropractors I had seen in the past. Within the first month I was pain free, and as I continue to work with him, I’m feeling the best physically that I have felt in years. I can not say enough good things about this practice. The staff is amazing and everyone has a genuine interest in making sure you are taken care of.

David C.

I have an autoimmune issue along with an intestinal disease and I am able to keep them both under control going to The Wellery. Dr. Chadd is gentle in his chiropractic care and not jarring or aggressive. I love the Wellery and will recommend it and Dr. Chadd to everyone I know!

Ruth B.

Dr. Chadd helped my newborn son SO much! I’m so thankful for the way he takes his time, listens and truly cares. My son had tongue and lip ties and Dr. Chadd helped us prepare for the release beforehand, and afterwards. The bodywork component is so important when dealing with ties. I am so confident in Dr. Chadd and his skills. It was an answer to prayer that we somehow ended up at his clinic, an hour from where we live. Worth the drive!

Hannah H.

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This is a chiropractic experience like no other! Dr. Chadd is able to help babies and children through thoughtful, empowering care. My daughter is the best version of herself because of this experience. Being born premature was not the easiest way to come into this world but Dr. Chadd helped her to become the happy, healthy baby she is today by relieving the stress on her little body. The adjustments are gentle and she loves coming. We are now thriving and not just surviving. They also offer a beautiful space where you will feel truly welcome by the wonderful Jessica.

Ann K.

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We highly recommend Dr Chadd and the whole Wellery staff! My son was on the verge of being referred for ear tubes before we started seeing Dr Chadd over a year ago. We were able to avoid getting tubes put in and haven’t had an ear infection since! Now all three of my kiddos see Dr Chadd on a weekly basis!

Jessica K.


I first sought out The Wellery after hearing that mama voice saying, “you don’t need to do this alone.” Our first is a little star seed (like his mama) and being on Earth sometimes is just more challenging. He was a little over 2 yrs at the time when we hit our breaking point. Daily 5 am wake ups, screaming crying wake ups, hard to soothe and come back down and it was too much survival each day. I started contacting my list of providers that somewhat helped immediate postpartum with no luck. One referenced Dr. Chadd at The Wellery so I decided to call one rainy afternoon while on a walk with our two littles. He answered, listened, like actually listened and then apologized for the couple week wait to get in (I was used to months in advance so I didn’t understand it at the time) to see him.

Within 1 visit our dude was sleeping past 5am, was waking up chatting and happy and the times where regulation just wasn’t going to happen dwindled. I couldn’t believe it. Honestly, when we first started I’m like, “this is just chiropractic care, it will probably be like what I’ve experienced before and we’ll be out of here after a few visits, half happy.” Ooo was I proven wrong. It’s hard for me to admit that, just ask my husband.

Dr. Chadd is an uncut gem. If you get that reference, awesome, but really, he is one of those practitioners that after a couple visits you realize is so much more than their titles. He understands the mother baby bond, in fact he gets the entire family unit bond, he gives so much more than he shares and truly I cannot begin to express how grateful we are for him and The Wellery fam. They changed the trajectory of our entire family.

Thank you Dr. Chadd and The Wellery, you’ve changed our lives forever and helped make our family whole.

Danielle R.

As new parents we struggled with a fussy baby who couldn’t be put down for more than 10 minutes. Our daughter Madeline always seemed uncomfortable and was constantly constipated. We made several trips to the pediatrician who recommended trying different bottles and different formulas at each visit, none of which improved any of her symptoms. Our stress level peaked when Madeline was about 8 weeks old, and we couldn’t accept that what we were dealing with was normal. Everyone we talked to told us not to worry and that it would get better with time, until we had an aunt and uncle who told us about the life changing difference that a chiropractor made with their colicky daughter. We had some reservations about taking our daughter to a chiropractor, but we had to try something because no one was getting any sleep. I had been a past patient of Dr. Burkhardt’s and was relieved to find that he had returned to Minnesota and started a new practice, The Wellery which just so happened to specialize in chiropractic care for children and families. It took only a few visits before we started to notice the benefits of chiropractic care for our daughter, she was eating better, sleeping better, and just seemed more comfortable. Chadd and his team at The Wellery continue to be a core part of our postpartum support and care. I would encourage other families seeking support to seek the care of The Wellery.

Dustin N.

Brittany SwansonBrittany Swanson
11:57 15 May 23
We came to The Wellery looking for help with my 1.5 year old's ear infections. In about a year, he's had 6 ear infections needing antibiotics, and we knew that we had to find a way to stop this cycle. We have been so incredibly grateful for the changes we've seen in my son! After about a month into appointments, my poor kiddo got another ear infection, but this time, he was able to fight off his infection without needing antibiotics. It's been so clear that Dr. Chadd's gentle and effective approach worked wonders and gave my son's body and immune system the space and push it needed to get rid of his infection on it's own.A bonus to all the clear health benefits we've seen, we genuinely love coming to our appointments! The office is immaculate and gorgeous, the front desk team is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and kind, and Dr. Chadd treats you like your his only patient, making sure you feel heard and known each visit. I genuinely feel like everyone at the Wellery is invested in my son's health and wellness and I'm so grateful that we found you all!
Nicole CraigNicole Craig
21:19 03 Mar 23
I was referred to The Wellery from a friend who knew my honeymoon was coming up and I was dealing with chronic pain. I had a shooting pain down my back and into my right leg - I wasn’t sure I’d even make the flight! Dr. Chadd was not only able to get me in and provide some immediate relief, but he followed up and we came up with a treatment plan.The team at The Wellery is so friendly, compassionate, and fun. I’ve been going to The Wellery for over a year now and am so glad it has become a part of my personal care routine.I’m so grateful to have found The Wellery and couldn’t recommend them enough!
Adam DeLongAdam DeLong
21:12 03 Feb 23
I was dealing with incredibly intense shoulder pain for a couple months, it hurt to put up on my coat or use my arm/hand to carry a backpack or even drink a water bottle because of how limited my range of motion was. Dr. Chadd listened and assessed better than any chiro I’ve seen in the past and really made it more about healing than just the usual adjustments. Apparently I had a sprained shoulder and muscles tightening up around it to protect it, but am doing much better after a few visits, thanks again Dr. Chadd!
Tina GareeTina Garee
15:22 08 Dec 22
We first started coming to The Wellery a few summers ago after a sports related injury which resulted in my son not being able to run the bases in baseball. Dr. Chadd got him in right away and immediately got us on a plan in order to re-align his hips and back and neck. Within weeks he was back up to speed. Then last summer our son broke his arm playing baseball and while we needed actual medical care to set his arm, my second call was to The Wellery so Dr. Chadd could reset the rest of his body. With a demanding sports schedule (either hockey or baseball) we know that The Wellery is keeping his body performing at max potential.My daughter and I also now enjoy the benefits of weekly chiropractic care ranging from random tweaks and pains from sports or sore muscles to congestion or ear pain and headaches. Our weekly visits to Dr. Chadd always leave us feeling reset and refreshed — No matter what we feel like is affecting our bodies’ overall feeling of wellness.
Emily BroeffleEmily Broeffle
19:15 11 Oct 22
My family and I first came to The Wellery two years ago when our newborn daughter was struggling with excess tension and stress related to oral ties. Dr. Chadd’s gentle adjustments helped relieve some of that stress and was an integral part of her overall treatment plan which had hugely beneficial results. My daughter, husband, and I continue to receive regular adjustments. My husband and I have had decreased tension and discomfort since coming to The Wellery, and I really appreciate Dr. Chadd’s dedication and willingness to keep learning and trying new things.The Wellery’s space is incredibly inviting and set up really well for families and children. My daughter loves getting to come with to my appointments and play in their play area. The entire staff is super kind and caring and always happy to see us.
El HillEl Hill
16:05 29 Sep 22
I literally feel 1000% better! Before visiting The Wellery I couldn't bend over to pick up my son to hold him without pain, even bending over to put my socks on was difficult. I would wake up multiple times throughout the night from the pain in my lower back, but since receiving my treatment at the Wellery I have full mobility to bend over and do everything that I couldn't before. I'm also having much more restful restorative sleep which helps in so many other ways. I can't express how grateful I am to Dr. Chadd and the Wellery team for all their help. They are always professional and friendly, and most importantly, they desire to help me feel better and live a healthier life. Their facility is first class and it's truly a pleasure to visit for every appointment.
Lauren KirloskarLauren Kirloskar
00:06 03 Sep 22
Prior to The Wellery I was facing chronic neck and back pain despite seeing another chiropractor regularly. At the initial visit scans were taken (a first amongst any chiropractor's office I've been to) and informed the approach Dr. Chadd took. Within a couple months I was able to decrease my visits from 3 times per week to once per week and have zero chronic pain since. Additionally, I sleep better, have more energy, and never get sick. The team is extremely kind and the space charming.
Tessa CarsonTessa Carson
19:46 02 Aug 22
The Wellery has been life changing for my two little boys. Both my 2 year old and 11 month old have experienced changes with the help of Dr. Chadd's approach to wellness. We were originally referred to Dr. Chadd after our 2 year old son had been through several months of severe sickness. He helped us identify and work through areas of tension, which has helped more directly encourage and stimulate growth and healing after months of extreme stress in his body. Prior to that, my 2-year-old was very low energy. It's been amazing to see him finally acting like a typical toddler!During a visit with my older son, I expressed some concerns around how my younger son (now 11-month-old) was not fully utilizing some muscle groups while displaying stiffness and tension in others. This behavior seemed to inhibit his ability and interest in crawling. Since beginning his adjustments with Dr. Chadd, he has started to relax his muscles and display more typical development with his movements. With the help of regular visits to The Wellery and exercises that Dr. Chadd has helped me learn for home, my younger son is now crawling!! The turn around was rather quick, and my 11-month-old has responded extremely well since starting with Dr. Chadd.I would highly recommend The Wellery to anyone who is struggling with atypical stress, tension, or healing from sickness/trauma in young children!!
David CostaDavid Costa
17:45 23 Dec 21
I started seeing Chadd at the Wellery because I was having lower back pain that had been bothering me for months. Chadd's approach to getting me back healthy was different than other chiropractors I had seen in the past. Within the first month I was pain free, and as I continue to work with him, I'm feeling the best physically that I have felt in years. I can not say enough good things about this practice. The staff is amazing and everyone has a genuine interest in making sure you are taken care of.

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