Maple Grove chiropractor examining a young patient for headache issuesHeadaches – especially migraines – can be an ongoing, and debilitating issue. Many people cope with headaches by trying to ignore them or by taking over-the-counter medication several times a week. Headaches rob us of enjoying time with family and friends and showing up as our best at work and other commitments. While taking medication can sometimes provide migraine relief, it does not address the root cause.


  • Hormone imbalance
  • Allergies
  • Foods
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Poor posture
  • Dehydration
  • Clenching teeth

People often seek a chiropractor for headache relief because of the effective, long-lasting, and natural approach. There is a well-researched correlation of the cervical spine causing headaches. Improper movement of  vertebrae (subluxations) are often responsible for common headaches and migraines. By performing a physical exam of the cervical spine, along with surface level neurological scans, we can determine if chiropractic care can provide migraine relief and reduce your struggles with chronic headaches.

Female chiropractic patient in Maple Grove found headache relief at The Wellery

Hailey’s Success Story

Hailey had been dealing with a progression of headaches that developed into migraines since her late teens. She was not only suffering from migraines several times a week, but also vertigo and limited neck mobility from painful tension. She would “power through” days with migraines, living with it and accepting that it was her normal.  She decided to try chiropractic care after a coworker referred her to The Wellery.

Through consistent neurologically focused care, she made and continues to make great progress! Haley continues to have less pain, more mobility, better sleep and has even experienced being migraine free for an entire month!

For much of my young adult life, I had experienced migraines and neck pain/stiffness, but as time went on the frequency and intensity only got worse. I tried everything you can think of to help ease this discomfort for many years and over time, chiropractic care was mentioned as a resource that could help. Chiropractic care was one of my last resorts to help ease this discomfort and I finally reached my breaking point when I would get very intense migraines multiple times a week.


A coworker of mine recommended The Wellery and while I was skeptical, I thought giving it a try wouldn’t hurt and if it didn’t work out, oh well. Fast forward 6 months after getting regular care and I’ve gone from getting multiple migraines a week with limited neck mobility to now having gone 1 month free of migraines and regaining neck mobility that I didn’t even realize I lost. If I get a migraine now, the intensity has also decreased significantly! I wish I would have done chiropractic care sooner; I cannot recommend The Wellery enough! The care you receive is top-notch, from the moment you walk in to the friendly staff, who genuinely cares about your well-being.           


Hailey H.