Colic is frequent, prolonged and often intense crying by an infant. Colicky babies can be a tremendous source of stress on parents, families and caregivers. You have fed them, changed their diaper, rocked them, and used all the tricks in your toolbox, but the crying persists. You seek advice from pediatricians, friends, family and the internet, but nothing helps. You are exhausted and frustrated.  

Colicky baby at Maple Grove chiropractor practice with Dr. Chadd Burkhardt

Unfortunately, a newborn can’t tell you what’s wrong. The only way they can communicate is by crying, hoping you will figure out a way to comfort them. Parents spend countless hours seeking remedies for colic: rubbing stomachs, going on car rides, using movement devices, essential oils and white noise machines, but these options provide temporarily calm at best.


  • Extreme fussiness
  • Crying for no apparent reason, unlike crying to express hunger or the need for a diaper change
  • Intense crying that may seem more like screaming or an expression of painPredictable timing, with episodes often occurring in the evening
  • Body tension, such as pulled up or stiffened legs, stiffened arms, clenched fists, arched back or a tense abdomen

While chiropractic care does not treat colic, a chiropractor for colic can assess the nervous system and identify tension and stress that may be contributing to baby’s discomfort. By using a thermal scan to identify stress, which is often the cervical region resulting from the birthing process, we can pinpoint interferences in the nervous system that can contribute to colic. These scans are essential for struggling babies who are not able to communicate why they are uncomfortable. The scanning technology also gives caregivers the assurance that there is a contributing reason for their infant’s crying.

Maddie’s Success Story

Baby with colic found relief with baby chiropractor in Maple Grove

Before The Wellery, Madeline was extremely uncomfortable in her first two months. She was struggling with colic and could only sleep in an upright position, which was typically in her car seat or on mom or dad’s chest. She also wasn’t pooping regularly. 

Mom and dad were exhausted and frustrated. Despite frequent trips to the pediatrician and trying different infant formulas, there was no progress. The parents refused to take the advice that she “will grow out of it” as the solution. They wanted answers and solutions to help their daughter.

With consistent chiropractic care supporting her nervous system, Madeline made amazing progress. Her colic subsided, she was pooping with ease, and she was finally sleeping!

As new parents, we struggled with a fussy baby, who couldn’t be put down for more than 10 minutes. Our daughter Madeline always seemed uncomfortable and was constantly constipated. We made several trips to the pediatrician, who recommended trying different bottles and different formulas at each visit, none of which improved any of her symptoms. Our stress level peaked when Madeline was about 8 weeks old, and we couldn’t accept that what we were dealing with was normal. Everyone we talked to told us not to worry and that it would get better with time, until we had an aunt and uncle who told us about the life-changing difference that a chiropractor made with their colicky daughter.


We had some reservations about taking our daughter to a chiropractor, but we had to try something, because no one was getting any sleep. I had been a patient of Dr. Chadd’s and was relieved to find out that he returned to Minnesota and started a new practice, The Wellery, which just so happened to specialize in chiropractic care for children and families. It took only a few visits before we started to notice the benefits of chiropractic care for our daughter. She was eating better, sleeping better, and just seemed more comfortable. Chadd and the team at The Wellery continue to be a core part of our postpartum support and care. I would encourage other families seeking support to seek the care of The Wellery.


Dustin N.