Hoping tomorrow will be better gives no lasting relief to a family, or more importantly, to a child struggling with emotional regulation. Emotional dysregulation present through a wide range of symptoms, yet a common root cause is a stressed and overwhelmed nervous system. Every stressor a child has experienced while in utero to present day accumulates in the body. This cumulative stress often overwhelms the nervous system and in turn, children act out.  Seeking out a chiropractor for behavioral dysregulation is a natural intervention many parents find useful in helping address neurological stress at the root cause.

Maple Grove kids chiropractor Dr. Chadd Burkhardt walking with little girlSymptoms

  • Deliberately annoying others
  • Blaming others
  • Difficulty handling frustration
  • Tantrums, outbursts or “meltdowns”
  • Aggressive behaviors such as hitting or biting
  • Refusing to comply with adults’ rules or requests

Parents seeking a chiropractor for behavioral/emotional dysregulation is not always an obvious choice; however, it can be an effective one because of the focus on neurology. When the behavioral and emotional part of the brain (limbic system) is constantly being activated, it is easily triggered and often overrides the processing and critical thinking part of our brain (prefrontal cortex).

Chiropractic adjustments create more activity in the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that helps determine if a fight or flight response is appropriate. The Wellery leverages neurological scanning technology to identify the area and quantity of stress in the body. Through technology, we can objectively measure the sensory information being relayed to the brain and determine to what degree it is regulated and symmetrical (organized).

Cecilia’s Success Story

Smiling little girl received chiropractic care at The Wellery in Maple GroveCecilia struggled with behavioral outbursts and regulation challenges to the point that it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to handle change and new situations. Her emotions were turning into aggression towards her siblings and parents and making daily life and routines very stressful and challenging.

Before chiropractic care, Cecilia’s nervous system was overwhelmed and not functioning and adapting appropriately. Accumulated stress was causing a disconnect between her brain and body’s communication, leaving her in a state of dysfunction. Her nervous system was unable to shift to rest, digest and calm.

With care focused on removing the interferences within the brain-body connection, Cecilia made amazing progress. Chiropractic treatment has helped her nervous system find calm, regulation and transition more comfortably to new environments and change! 

The frequency and intensity of Cecilia’s behavioral outbursts have decreased and she has experienced positive changes at school and at home with her family.

The Wellery has been such a gift to our family. We started seeing Dr. Chadd when my newborn suffered from torticollis and his approach helped so much. We started bringing our 5-year-old to see Dr. Chadd to help with some emotional and behavioral concerns and are so grateful we did. She has made tremendous improvement at school and at home. The office staff is so welcoming to our entire family and we couldn’t be more grateful! We also love the convenience of being able to schedule or change appointments via text message.


Erin S.

Emotional Dysregulation