Smiling baby found ear infection releif at The Wellery Chiropractic in Maple GroveFiguring out how to effectively treat ear infections is a huge source of frustration for parents. We understand how difficult it can be to see your child struggle. When a child experiences multiple ear infections, it impacts the entire family. Countless trips to urgent care, the pediatrician and if it’s late at night, the emergency room. Missing work to pick up sick kids from daycare or school. Caring for your child’s fever and discomfort during sleepless nights. Administering multiple rounds of antibiotics.

Your parental instincts tells you there must be a better infant ear infection treatment because repeating the same ineffective cycle of doctor, antibiotics and back to the doctor several weeks later isn’t working.

Part of the frustration we hear from parents is that they are told “your child will grow out of it.” What we know is that kids don’t grow out of something, they will grow into something else – a new issue will arise. Often chronic infant ear infections can turn into chronic coughs/colds or bronchitis as the child grows.


  • Trouble sleeping
  • Fever
  • Fussiness
  • Tugging or pulling at ear
  • Ear pain
  • Lack of energy

Ear infections stem from improper drainage and a struggling immune system. If the muscles, mainly the levator veli paltini, of the inner ear are not coordinating the pumping of the eustachian tube, a back log of fluid occurs and as a result, ears can become infected. The vagus nerve regulates the levator veli paltini and coordinates most of the body’s immune response. When the vagus nerve is not able to properly coordinate with the levator veli paltini muscle to drain fluid, ear infections occur. 

By adjusting the upper cervical vertebrae, chiropractic care increases communication between the vagus nerve and the body. Seeking out a chiropractor for ear infections is about focusing on the root cause, which is crucial to stopping the path to future challenges.

The Wellery uses thermal scanning technology to pinpoint the areas of the body that are experiencing improper regulation and coordination. Specific to ear infections, we are looking for areas in the cervical area (upper neck) that are contributing to the dysfunction.

Sam’s Success Story

Baby suffering form ear infections got help from Dr. Burkhardt at The Wellery ChiropracticBefore coming to The Wellery, Sam and his parents were struggling. Sam had constant ear infections and had already been given five rounds of antibiotics before the age of two. His parents were told a second set of ear tubes were necessary. Sam was not growing, and was in the first percentile for his age group. He was a picky eater, not sleeping well and his parents were worried that Sam’s vocabulary was lagging other children of the same age.

Sam’s scans showed there was significant stress accumulating in his body. The body cannot be in growth and protection mode at the same time and that was what was happening with Sam. His nervous system was stuck in a state of survival and protection – forcing growth, regulation and development to take a backseat.  

With regular, gentle adjustments, Sam’s scans began to show stress response improvements in his body. His brain and body were shifting back into growth, regulation and development mode.

With his nervous system communicating more efficiently, Sam was no longer experiencing ear infections. In fact, to date, he has not had a single ear infection since beginning chiropractic care. Additionally, his speech and vocabulary exploded, and he began shooting up the growth charts and trying new foods!

My 1.5 year old was struggling with chronic ear infections and it was recommended he have a second set of tubes. He was also on the “little side” for growth and development and not sleeping well. I am grateful every day we were referred to The Wellery, as Dr. Chadd has changed my entire family’s life. Since being with The Wellery, my son has not had a sniffle, much less an ear infection. He’s also grown so much in the last year with his vocabulary and is sleeping much better. We have started a family plan with The Wellery to continue and ensure wellness, as they aren’t just a medical clinic but really an extension of our family. I’ve never felt so welcome by a team, and more importantly, no one has ever taken such an interest in the well-being of my family like Dr. Chadd and Jessica, who helps manage the clinic. I feel like this isn’t a recommendation but a requirement to anyone looking to invest in their child’s health.


Stephanie W.

Ear Infections