Small baby at Maple Grove pediatric chiropractorA child not meeting milestones can create anxiety for parents. These milestones are an integral development “check in” to see how our child’s brain and body are communicating and coordinating growth and development. When the body is in a state of balance, milestones are typically reached within an appropriate timeframe. However, missing developmental milestones altogether is as equally important as paying attention to delayed milestones.

When a child is missing developmental milestones, it can be due to the brain and nervous system experiencing interferences within their communication, which alters coordination to the next developmental markers. The brain is nourished by movement of the body. Rolling, crawling and walking set the foundation for the social, emotional and behavioral part of the brain to develop.

By checking the nervous system with our surface level neurological scanning technology, we can locate interferences within the nervous system. Gentle and specific adjustments help restore proper communication and coordination between the body and the brain. A nervous system clear of interference can continue developing and growing.

Pierce’s Success Story

Small baby at Maple Grove pediatric chiropractor

Before chiropractic care, Pierce was using his right leg to “scoot” and propel himself forward. His mom was concerned that there was tension in Pierce’s body that was interfering with his ability to crawl and develop healthy coordination. With his older brother already under chiropractic care at The Wellery, she knew that Pierce needed to get checked as well. After a couple of gentle and specific adjustments, Pierce’s body began connecting those neuro-development pathways and he began crawling! Each milestone in motor development is important as it builds on the previous step to optimize growth and healthy development for the brain and body. The sequential order of rolling over, followed by crawling, and then followed by walking is just as, if not more, important than the timing of these milestones.

The Wellery has been life changing for my two little boys. Both my 2-year-old and 11-month-old have experienced changes with the help of Dr. Chadd’s approach to wellness. We were originally referred to Dr. Chadd after our 2-year-old son had been through several months of severe sickness. He helped us identify and work through areas of tension, which has helped more directly encourage and stimulate growth and healing after months of extreme stress in his body. Prior to that, my 2-year-old was very low energy. It’s been amazing to see him finally acting like a typical toddler!


During a visit with my older son, I expressed some concerns around how my younger son (now 11-month-old) was not fully utilizing some muscle groups while displaying stiffness and tension in others. This behavior seemed to inhibit his ability and interest in crawling. Since beginning his adjustments with Dr. Chadd, he has started to relax his muscles and display more typical development with his movements. With the help of regular visits to The Wellery and exercises that Dr. Chadd has helped me learn for home, my younger son is now crawling!! The turnaround was rather quick, and my 11-month-old has responded extremely well since starting with Dr. Chadd.

I would highly recommend The Wellery to anyone who is struggling with atypical stress, tension or healing from sickness/trauma in young children!!


Tessa C.