Maple Grove chiropractor Dr. Chadd Burkhardt performing a chiropractic adjustment on a clientNeck and back pain are an ongoing source of frustration for many adults and children. A popular Georgetown University study on back pain showed, “Nearly 65 million Americans report a recent episode of back pain. Some 16 million adults — 8 percent of all adults — experience persistent or chronic back pain, and as a result are limited in certain everyday activities. Back pain is the sixth most costly condition in the United States.”

Neck and back pain can be caused by current or past injuries, a herniated disc, postural stress (the way we sit and sleep) or repetitive motions. Chiropractic is extremely successful in providing back pain relief and neck pain relief because of the association between vertebrae being mis-aligned (subluxated) and the pain created as a result of the misalignment. Treatment for neck pain, back pain and sciatic (or sciatica) pain (pain in the leg) are approached in the same comprehensive manner as any other condition at The Wellery. We perform a physical exam along with neurological scans to determine how best to address the issue. We usually find that the root cause of neck, back and sciatica pain are because of subluxation in the cervical and or lumbar area. If you are experiencing pain, chiropractic is an effective back pain treatment and or treatment to relieve neck pain.

I started seeing Chadd at the Wellery because I was having lower back pain that had been bothering me for months. Chadd’s approach to getting me back healthy was different than other chiropractors I had seen in the past. Within the first month I was pain free, and as I continue to work with him, I’m feeling the best physically that I have felt in years. I can not say enough good things about this practice. The staff is amazing and everyone has a genuine interest in making sure you are taken care of.

David C.

I literally feel 1000% better! Before visiting The Wellery I couldn’t bend over to pick up my son to hold him without pain, even bending over to put my socks on was difficult. I would wake up multiple times throughout the night from the pain in my lower back, but since receiving my treatment at the Wellery I have full mobility to bend over and do everything that I couldn’t before. I’m also having much more restful restorative sleep which helps in so many other ways. I can’t express how grateful I am to Dr. Chadd and the Wellery team for all their help. They are always professional and friendly, and most importantly, they desire to help me feel better and live a healthier life. Their facility is first class and it’s truly a pleasure to visit for every appointment.

El H.

Prior to The Wellery I was facing chronic neck and back pain despite seeing another chiropractor regularly. At the initial visit scans were taken (a first amongst any chiropractor’s office I’ve been to) and informed the approach Dr. Chadd took. Within a couple months I was able to decrease my visits from 3 times per week to once per week and have zero chronic pain since. Additionally, I sleep better, have more energy, and never get sick. The team is extremely kind and the space charming.

Lauren K.

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Neck and Back Pain