Children's chiropractic patient in Maple Grove smilingOur bodies are designed to heal. We are constantly adapting to the continuous stressors in the world around us. Stress comes in many forms – work, school, changing seasons, what we eat and how we move (or do not move) our bodies. We all need to strengthen immune system adaptability so we can meet the demands of everyday life.

When your nervous system can effectively coordinate all the body’s systems, including the immune system, it can efficiently manage the stressors of daily life. However, an American lifestyle often weakens our immune system. We simply do not do enough to take care of ourselves. Just as optimal sleep, healthy eating and movement can boost immune system functionality, chiropractic adjustments work similarly in that they remove interferences in the nervous system and restore functionality. This can strengthen immune system functionality by opening the brain communication with our organs, tissues and glands.  


  • Chronic inflammation
  • Feeling tired or exhausted
  • Digestive issues and stomach troubles
  • Skin rashes, infections or irritations
  • Frequent colds, flu or ear infections
  • And many more…

The nervous system controls all organ systems, including our immune system. By removing interferences in specific areas of the nervous and organ systems, the body can better coordinate a response to illness. The Wellery leverages scanning technology to identify the quantity and locations of neurological interference in the body. The scans identify specific areas of disconnect (interference) between the brain and the nervous system. With each adjustment, we are restoring our nervous system function. This allows our brain to communicate better with our organs, tissues and glands, which can help stimulate and strengthen our immune system!

Everett’s Success Story

Kids chiropractic patients smiling at The Wellery Chiropractic in Maple Grove

Everett was getting sick more often than his twin sister. Everett would struggle with rounds of back-to-back colds that would transition into ear infections and other respiratory infections like pneumonia and croup. He also struggled with constipation and feeling emotionally overwhelmed. His family needed solutions; they wanted to get to the root cause of why this was happening to their child.

We scanned Everett to measure his body’s neurological function to see how he was adapting to stress. Often, kids with chronic immune challenges like Everett have specific areas of dysfunction in their upper cervical region and his scans confirmed just that. The areas of the body that are designed to drain, like our sinuses and ears, were not doing so efficiently, causing fluid to build up and allowing bacteria and viruses to thrive.

As Everett progressed through his care plan, gentle and specific adjustments helped remove interferences in his upper cervical region to support healthier immune function. His mom was happy to report many positive changes, including increased energy, better digestion, emotional regulation, more focus and growth! Everett and his sister now get adjusted regularly for wellness and are growing and thriving. One of Everett’s biggest wins was when he caught a cold but recovered quickly and with no secondary infection!

Immune System