Chiropractic Care For Kids

Children's chiropractor patient in Maple GroveWhen children struggle, the entire family struggles. Whether experiencing colic, ear infection, anxiety, or sensory challenges, when a child is hurting, the impact is felt be the entire family. There are sleepless nights. You have ongoing visits to the pediatrician. There are challenges at school.

Because the nervous system coordinates all growth and development it is critical that it is functioning properly. Our approach as a pediatric chiropractor differs from traditional healthcare providers. We target the root cause – the nervous system. Seeking a chiropractor for infants and kids is a natural way to keep them healthy and happy.

Baby chiropractor patient of Dr. Burkhardt in Maple Grove

When a chiropractor for kids focuses on the communication between the body and the brain, they can support of variety of challenges. When the nervous system is free of interference it can adapt, self-regulate, and heal as it is designed to do.

Pediatric Chiropractic Benefits


  • Better sleep
  • Decreased colic
  • Decreased ear infections
  • Regular bowel movements
  • Increased immune function
  • Elevated mood
  • Increased concentration
  • Ability to reach development milestones


Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my baby have to be to receive chiropractic care?

Many families choose to have their newborn checked by a pediatric chiropractor within minutes or hours after birth. It is a gentle intervention, but can have powerful effects, such as readying the baby for all they will experience outside of the cozy confines of the womb.

My infant is colicky. Can pediatric chiropractic help?

Many parents have found that seeking the help of a pediatric chiropractor can drastically improve colic symptoms. Our surface level scanning technology helps us to understand what might be contributing to their discomfort.

Why should I see a pediatric chiropractor for my tongue-tied infant?

The goal of a tongue tie chiropractor is to remove nervous system stress and myofascial tension so that the oral function can be properly assessed. The Wellery has specific and deep subject matter expertise in the space of not only infant tongue tie and infant lip tie, but also in preparing releases of all ages. With this expertise, The Wellery can empower parents through education and specific home care exercises to aid in better outcomes for their child.

How can a pediatric chiropractor help my child's ear infections?

Ear infections stem from improper drainage and a struggling immune system. When the vagus nerve is not able to properly coordinate with the levator veli paltini muscle to drain fluid, ear infections occur. Chiropractic care focuses on adjusting the upper cervical vertebrae and increasing communication between the vagus nerve and the body to promote proper drainage. At The Wellery, we see firsthand the positive impact of chiropractic care for babies and kids.

Babies and Kids