Participating in sports is demanding, both physically and mentally. Shuttling between school and practice during the week, along with traveling to tournaments on the weekends means kids and families are constantly on the move. A challenging schedule, with little rest or down time, puts developing children’s bodies at risk for injury.

Chiropractic patient care coordinator performing an exam on a female patient in Maple Grove

Sports injuries can occur from a sudden and isolated incident or more repetitive, chronic overuse. A sports injury chiropractor is equipped to address not only injuries to the neck and back, but all of our other joints through chiropractic adjustments. Additionally, Dr. Chadd is certified in Kinesio Tape Method. Kinesio tape is strategically applied to the skin to provide support to injured muscles and adjoining tissue. The tape, along with the strategic application, enables athletes to get back to their sport quicker, safer and more confidently.

Nagging injuries keep athletes from performing their best; the inability to perform also takes a mental toll, especially when sitting on the sidelines due to injury. There is a reason most college and professional sports teams have a chiropractor on staff. A sports injury chiropractor addresses injuries, but more importantly helps prevent injuries from happening by balancing the body and improving joint mobility.

The Wellery’s approach to sports injuries is comprehensive. We take an in-depth history and utilize our neurological scanning technology to determine where the body is compensating. By digging into the history and interpreting the data from the scans, we will put together a game plan to safely get athletes back to their sport.

Beckett’s Success Story

Sports chiropractor Dr. Chadd Burkhardt with two young patients in Maple Grove

Beckett is a young athlete, playing competitive baseball and hockey, year round. He came to the Wellery because he was struggling with a pain in his back and hips that was interfering with his ability to run in baseball. Within a few weeks of care, his hip and back issues were resolved and he was able to move comfortably again and regain his agility pain-free.

Beckett and his family continue to come in regularly for adjustments. Like a lot of active kids in multiple sports, chiropractic care keeps Beckett in top shape for performance, injury prevention, recovery, and overall wellness.

Beckett’s sister, Mayce, is very active in volleyball and chiropractic helps her with any pain, overuse, and keeping her balanced throughout the sport’s season!

We first started coming to The Wellery a few summers ago after a sports-related injury which resulted in my son not being able to run the bases in baseball. Dr. Chadd got him in right away and immediately got us on a plan in order to re-align his hips and back and neck.


Within weeks he was back up to speed. When last summer our son broke his arm playing baseball and while we needed actual medical care to set his arm, my second call was to The Wellery so Dr. Chadd could reset the rest of his body. With a demanding sports schedule (either hockey or baseball) we know that The Wellery is keeping his body performing at max potential.


My daughter and I also now enjoy the benefits of weekly chiropractic care ranging from random tweaks and pains from sports or sore muscles to congestion or ear pain and headaches. Our weekly visits to Dr. Chadd always leave us feeling reset and refreshed — no matter what we feel like is affecting our bodies’ overall feeling of wellness.


Tina G.

Sports Performance