Q: Tell us how The Wellery came to be.

A: The Wellery became a reality during my 3 years practicing chiropractic in India. Stop in for a coffee and I can fill you in on how India came to be (it’s a long story). Before India, I practiced for 8+ years in Maple Grove, MN where I was increasingly seeing more babies and kids and experiencing firsthand the profound impacts adjustments were having on our little ones for a variety of challenges. The idea was starting to develop, but it wasn’t fully visible. Insert India. Living abroad has a way of taking you out of your comfort zone and seeing things differently. It brought a sense of discovery and clarity I hadn’t experienced before. Living in India helped me decide I would unapologetically cater to this need in the community when moving back stateside. I’ve been working on The Wellery since 2017, and I’m really excited to share it with all of you. 

Q: What are you most excited about?

A: Our purpose statement says it best: helping parents raise healthier kids. The Wellery is chiropractic care and so much more. We’re bringing together a set of expert practitioners to do what they do best, and to enable an environment of continuous learning, collaboration and problem solving. In addition to chiropractic, we offer postpartum counseling. 

Q: How did you build The Wellery team?

A: I felt it was important to anchor these decisions to The Wellery’s purpose and values, and to tap into the network of experts I had previously leveraged in the metro area. I wanted to bring the right set of specialists together to address the vast number of issues families face. I’m an expert in the nervous system, but through my pediatric training, I understand how outcomes can be enhanced when you have the right set of practitioners working together towards a common goal. 

Purpose (Why we exist): Helping parents raise healthier kids. 

Values (How we deliver our purpose): Optimism, Empathy, Trust & Responsibility

Q: What differentiates “The Wellery” from other chiropractic clinics? 

A: Since its inception, every decision has been patient centric, catering to families, babies and kids. From architecture, to design, to process and paperwork, to pricing, everything is in service to making it an exceptional experience. The environment is fresh and fun, and it doesn’t feel like a health clinic. I wanted The Wellery to be a space that inspires us every day. Kids know when they’re going to the doctor and that can be very anxiety inducing, and scary—they won’t see or feel that it in this space. We think you’ll love it, and so will your little ones.